One Day for Education

On April 19th, The Classical Academies is celebrating 20 years of partnering with parents! We are celebrating the entire month of April with our annual One Day for Education Campaign!

Each campus has chosen a special project to fund which will directly benefit students. Donate $20 for our 20th anniversary and make a difference for students! #20for20

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Make an Impact

Select which school project you would like to support!

 The  Classical   Academy

Mobile Classroom Libraries

$6,000 Goal

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Classical Academy Middle School

Get Your Shade On!

$6,000 Goal

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 Classical  Academy  High  School

Athletics Program

$25,000 Goal

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Classical Academy Online

Improve our Lunch Quad

$5,000 Goal

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Classical Academy Vista

Mobile Classroom Libraries

$6,000 Goal

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Coastal Academy High School

Portable Sound System

$10,000 Goal

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Coastal Academy

Mobile Classroom Libraries

$6,000 Goal

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