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Beacon of Hope: Non-Classroom Based, Independent Study Programs

When historians one day look back at 2020 they will detail the fear and the challenges. They will also explore how our normal moved to shelter in place, leading to the disruption of public education as well as the shift of the American workforce to stay at home.  They will also detail the public education […]

Developing a Love for Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a great predictor of reading comprehension and all other subject matter. Inadequate vocabulary restricts an individual from achieving grade-level reading readiness. Laura Eagen, from William H. Sadlier, discusses strategies to improve vocabularies, such as reading rich literature, becoming word conscious, modeling, playing games, journaling, and more. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/classicalacademies/episodes/2020-10-27T10_19_04-07_00

Girard Foundation Awards Classical $53,500 Grant

The Girard Foundation recently awarded North County Education Foundation a $53,500 grant to support curriculum investments, a part-time instructional aide (at Classical Academy High School Personalized Learning Campus), and laptop computers for students during the pandemic. The Girard Foundation has been incredibly supportive of our academic programs over the years and the team is grateful […]

Meet Cameron Curry | CEO & Pop Culture Enthusiast

Risk is such an important element of leadership. If you are not taking risks, you are not embracing opportunities to grow, change, or move your business or organization to the next level. All too often, people can become set in their ways and in their environment. If they do not innovate, seek new avenues to […]

Math Growth Mindset

Often students and adults believe that they are “math people” or not. Rachelle Araos shares how this misconception can be changed with a growth mindset. Rewards, goals, and positive reinforcement can change the thinking process and lead to student success and confidence. Click HERE to listen to the latest podcast. Mathnasium 1835 S Centre City […]