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Educational Observations in the Age of COVID-19

Lisa Hasler Waters has worked in Technology Education for the past 20 years. She explains how traditional school districts are discovering that students thrive in distance learning programs. Students are getting more sleep, are less stressed, and less busy. Lisa shares what it takes to be a successful distance learning teacher and suggests that more […]

The Power of Questions

Asking the right questions, such as “tell me more” and “walk me through that” and “how do you see this playing out” can lead to more meaningful conversations and better understanding. Coastal Academy Educational Specialist, Koreena Enns, explains how powerful asking the right question can be. She offers tips for phrasing stronger questions, controlling tone, paying and becoming a […]

Empowering Your Child in Conflict Resolution

Our children learn conflict resolution from social media, television, the news, and our own relationships. Coastal Academy High School Social Emotional Counselor, Jessica Novello, explains how age-appropriate ground rules can lead to improved conflict resolution skills. She shares the importance of teaching our children to have the grace to let the little things go and […]

Homeschool Triggers- Confessions of an Angry Homeschool Mom

Are you frustrated with your response to your child’s meltdowns, power struggles, and talking back? Even if you don’t struggle with anger, you may be struggling with negative emotions and ineffective, explosive responses. Classical Academy parent, author, and international speaker, Wendy Speake, shares her own experience with finding better ways to respond to triggers in […]

Managing Negative Emotions in a Time of Crisis

Loneliness, worry, fear, boredom, anxiety, and lack of control. These are just some of the feelings many are experiencing during COVID-19 and orders to shelter in place. Counselor, psychotherapist, and pastor, Chip Whitman, shares how our need for control, understanding, support, and purpose defines our personal sense of well-being. He shares practical tips for mental […]

Homeschooling Behavior Strategies

The Classical Academies Director of Special Education, Cori Coffey, discusses strategies for success for both general and special ed students, including setting clear expectations together, completing a reinforcement survey, making a visual schedule, and implementing a check-in, check-out system to encourage students to work independently. These strategies can help eliminate frustration and improve communication.  To […]