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Social Media and Mental Health

Students are spending an average of nine hours a day online. Much of this is spent on social media. Increased time on social media can lead to perceived loneliness, anxiety, and depression, and perceived self-worth based on likes and friends. Coastal Academy High School Counselor Jessica Novello shares how to open the conversation with our […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex (Part 1)

CAHS Counselor Laura Hughes and Leslie Salazar Carillo discuss how to start the difficult conversation with your child about sexual health. They recommend tips for opening up communication and talking “with” your child and not “at” them, as well as helping them understand the  consequences of their decisions. This is part one in a two part series. […]

Transformational Leadership

CAHS coach and leadership teacher, Jon Goodman, teaches the value of servant leadership in the classroom and on the field. Core values, such as working hard, living pure, leading with courage, and honoring the team help students live with purpose in all areas of life. To listen to our new podcast click the link below: Transformational Leadership

The Classical Academies Launch Fundraising Campaign in Honor of 20th Anniversary

On April 19th, The Classical Academies will celebrate 20 years of partnering with parents and have launched a giving campaign to celebrate!  One Day for Education is a month-long campaign that will fund seven individual campus projects. From mobile classroom libraries and sound systems to shade structures and athletic improvements. Each campus project will directly benefit students and improve […]