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Preparation and Planning – The Key to Homeschool Success

Some of the biggest mistakes parents make when homeschooling include not having a daily schedule or plan, multi-tasking during teaching, and being distracted. Veteran teachers Laura Morford and Debbie Crites share their insight on how to prepare and plan for a successful homeschool day. They offer suggestions to help you enjoy the journey. To listen […]

Reader’s Choice Curriculum

The Classical Academies is launching a new English Language Arts program this fall, known as Reader’s Choice. Inspired by Donalyn Miller’s book, The Book Whisperer, the new curriculum will invite and challenge students to read 40 self-selected books each school year. Curriculum Specialists, Corie Shields and Lisa Ivans, explain the new curriculum and how it […]

Overparenting – When Good Intentions Go Too Far

Parenting is challenging. Homeschooling is challenging. Doing both well simultaneously is hard work! Mark Steven Reardon is this year’s JumpStart Parent Education Conference Keynote Speaker. Mark informs us how parenting styles, such as Helicopter, Drone, Snow Plow, Tigger, and Zamboni, all stem from good intentions of wanting our children to succeed. Be sure to join […]

The Reluctant Reader

Students struggle with reading for a number of reasons, including negative associations, difficulty, or the feeling that reading is too much work. Classical Academy Online English Teacher, Kellye Bojorquez, shares her suggestions for improving the reading experience. She shares how modeling reading, encouraging positive behavior, and having positive conversations can lead to improvement and success. […]

Social Media and Mental Health

Students are spending an average of nine hours a day online. Much of this is spent on social media. Increased time on social media can lead to perceived loneliness, anxiety, and depression, and perceived self-worth based on likes and friends. Coastal Academy High School Counselor Jessica Novello shares how to open the conversation with our […]