Charter School Enrollment Grows 27%

“San Diego County charter school enrollment grew 27 percent from five years ago.” stated the San Diego Union Tribune on April 22, 2020. Click HERE to view the article.

I know from my work locally, regionally, and statewide, the impact that public charter schools are having on the landscape of public education is significant. This all relates back to satisfied parents and students academically challenged and feeling emotionally safer in these smaller learning communities.

It is fair to also add that when you have teams of dedicated and caring adults that intentionally limit conversations about adults, for the benefit of adults, this results in a more focused approach to why we have public education; for the benefit of students. With the past two years of increased attacks on charter schools that has elevated both positive and false narratives about these schools, parents finding success have continued to champion these programs.

There is every indication at this point that charter schools that have successfully pivoted to distance learning, are supporting students well, and keeping parents well informed, will see an increase in their enrollments in August as a result. With some traditional school districts still waiting to start distance learning, and others not offering any new content or grading, will find themselves serving fewer students next year.

Parent’s want a great education for their children, and students want to learn and grow in their interests. In this current national crisis, the worst possible scenario is to limit educational opportunities. Those schools not offering new content, grading, and challenging academics will find themselves left behind.

This is not something that former President, George W. Bush, ever imagined in his signature education legislation, No Child Left Behind. The tides have turned and it comes down to which schools and their systems will be left behind?

Cameron Curry is the Chief Executive Officer for The Classical Academies, an organization of award-winning, tuition-free, public charter schools serving 4600+ students in grades TK-12 in North San Diego County. Curry also serves on the board of the California Charter Schools Association and serves as commissioner for the California Department of Education Advisory Commission for Charter Schools (ACCS). For more information about The Classical Academies, visit