Nine Benefits of Homeschooling

The modern homeschool movement in America began in the 1970’s, but homeschooling has come a long way since then and the benefits are far reaching. For many, it continues to be the best educational option in their community, and one that not everyone has considered. With the choice of a large public school or pricey private school, homeschooling is an option that has many benefits.

1. Safe Learning Environment
With school safety incidents on the rise, increased bullying, drug use, and the drawbacks of social media, learning in a home environment removes these stresses and brings families closer together. Children are free to learn, explore, and grow without the concern for their physical or emotional safety.

2. Flexible Schedule
Having a flexible schedule allows students to learn when, where, and how they learn best. Some students learn best in the morning, some at night, and kinesthetic learners may learn best jumping on a small indoor trampoline. Having the flexibility to adjust the learning environment leads to more impactful learning. Plus, a flexible schedule allows families to take educational day trips, have longer weekends, and the opportunity to capture better pricing to travel destinations. Learning can continue outside the classroom.

3. Freedom to Incorporate Morals and Values
Many who educate at home, do so for moral and religious reasons. They enjoy the freedom to incorporate faith-based morals, values, and beliefs into their daily routine.

4. Self-Paced Learning
Students who homeschool have the freedom to learn at their own pace, as they do not need to keep up with the class. They have the flexibility to work a grade or two ahead in a subject they excel in, or may take more time to work on a subject they find challenging. There is no pressure to move ahead if mastery is not achieved; while students can move past material they understand to tackle deeper topics and areas of greater interest.

5. Custom Selected Curriculum
Every child learns differently and homeschooling allows for custom selection of curricula that best fits the child’s learning style. Some children are more visual and learn best with bright colors and images, while others may be more auditory and prefer to listen to lectures and videos. Homeschooling gives parents and students the ability to select custom curriculum to help them succeed meaningfully, while embracing the individual needs of each child.

6. Cultivate Independent Thinking
Overcrowded classrooms allow for less opportunity for one on one discussion. Learning at home allows for endless time to ask questions, research answers, and inquire about the facts to make sense of the world based on observations and experiences. It allows students to discover their ability to make judgments, gain a deeper understanding of a topic, while forming their opinions after their research and dialog.

7. Ability to Pursue Talents and Interests
Students have increased time to pursue interests, such as music, art, theater, sports, and more. Additional time can lead to mastery in a sport or instrument, something that would be more challenging with a traditional school schedule.

8. Fosters Family Closeness
For many students, one of the greatest benefits of homeschooling is the strengthening of family bonds. Homeschooling families spend lots of time learning and playing together and this naturally creates close ties between siblings, children and parents. Years later, these relationships are closer, stronger, and share deeper connections.

9. Provide a Higher Quality Education
The traditional public school model incorporates a one size fits all model for education. We all know that children are unique and learn at their own pace and require individual attention to maximize their potential. In a homeschool setting each academic program can be personalized so that students think more in depth, communicate better, and achieve their highest potential. The homeschooling model of education allows for parents, who know their children best, to be at the forefront of guiding their educational journey in a relevant and personalized way that can be missed in most academic models of education.

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