The Classical Academies Named a Top Workplace!

Understanding The New Math Curriculum and Developing 21st Century Skills

Learning math is about much more than solving equations and executing rote procedures. Students must be able to effectively apply what they have learned and develop a deep understanding of the procedures being executed. No doubt, technology has impacted how we approach math. The Classical Academies’ new math curriculum, Into Math, is coming in the 2021 – 2022 school […]

County Supervisor Grants The Classical Academies $35,000

Under the sponsorship of County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, The County of San Diego recently awarded The Classical Academies $35,000 in grant funding. The grant came through its Neighborhood Reinvestment and Community Enhancement programs.  In the midst of the COVID pandemic, the funding is to help offset Chromebook computer costs for students engaged in distance learning.

Beacon of Hope: Non-Classroom Based, Independent Study Programs

When historians one day look back at 2020 they will detail the fear and the challenges. They will also explore how our normal moved to shelter in place, leading to the disruption of public education as well as the shift of the American workforce to stay at home.  They will also detail the public education […]

Developing a Love for Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a great predictor of reading comprehension and all other subject matter. Inadequate vocabulary restricts an individual from achieving grade-level reading readiness. Laura Eagen, from William H. Sadlier, discusses strategies to improve vocabularies, such as reading rich literature, becoming word conscious, modeling, playing games, journaling, and more.