Grade Change

Due to the pandemic, the Education Code is providing an opportunity for some students to catch up. These changes include the option to change a transcript letter grade to Pass or No Pass for classes taken during the 2020-21 and possibly retake a grade level.

For the 2020-21 through 2023-24 school year, certain postsecondary institutions, including the ones listed here, will accept, for admission purposes, a transcript with a Pass or No Pass grade instead of a letter grade. This change will not negatively affect your child’s grade point average (GPA). However, please be advised that some colleges, including those in other states, may not accept a Pass or No Pass grade instead of a letter grade for admission purposes. We recommend you check with specific colleges your student may be interested in before requesting this transcript change.

If you wish to have a letter grade on your student’s transcript changed to a Pass or No Pass, you must fill out this Google Request Form no later than 4:00 pm on Monday, August 16, 2021. We will not be able to honor any requests received after this date. We will notify you once the change to the transcript has been made.