How to Order

You may pre-order your student’s meal at, a secure, fast, and easy-to-use online ordering system that allows you to order, prepay and manage orders. All meals, regardless of eligibility status, must be pre-ordered online by noon the day before your student is on campus. Families must first set up a parent account using the initial school code. Once the parent account is set up, child accounts may be created. If you are eligible for free or reduced-rate meals, please contact your school’s Registrar once you have set up your account. Instructions on how to create an account on Boonli, including your school’s unique code, are also available through your school’s front office.

Click here to download Boonli Instructions for your school site.

Ordering at More Than One School:

As the school programs are run independently, a separate account is needed for each school. You can indeed use the same email and password to make it a little easier for you. It is just the username that must be unique. When switching between accounts, you must sign out of the account that you are in (not just simply closing your browser). To completely sign out, click on the 3-bar menu in the upper left and click the “Sign Out” link. You will then be able to login to your other account.