Classical Academy High School and the Personalized Learning Campus are among 10 high schools in San Diego County that have been given the honor of Distinguished School status by the California Department of Education (CDE).

Congratulations to our hard-working team, who tirelessly ensures that our students are given access to new content, grading, and connection with a credential teacher. “The team reflects the values of the entire organization, and I’m so pleased that this honor has been bestowed upon you again!” stated Chief Executive Officer Cameron Curry. “Our team shows up each day to ensure great things are happening for students!”

“Dr. Perez, principal of our Personalized Learning campus, and I are incredibly proud of how our students, faculty, and parents have risen to the challenges this past year,” stated CAHS Principal Dana Moen. “CAHS students continue to excel as Thinkers, Communicators, and Achievers, through our personalized model of education based on a strong parent partnership.”

This recognition from CDE validates our team’s work and is a reward for a job well done! Congratulations Caimans! View the entire list of Distinguished schools here.