CAHS Hosts Official TEDx Event

Classical Academy High School hosted its inaugural TEDxClassicalAcademyHS event featuring students’ ideas centered around the theme Rethinking Tomorrow Together. Hosted by the TEDed Club, speakers were recorded and are featured on the TEDx website and YouTube channel. The club was started by CAHS senior, Alexander Usher, and advisor, Derek Montgomery. The following students and community professionals spoke at the event, and you can view their TEDx talks by clicking on the links below.

Lauren Chiang – The Tragedy of the Commons: A Solution to Selfishness

Michael Brown – Failure is an Option

Alexander Usher – An Engineer’s Obligation to Society

Annelise Jackson – Social Media and the Society We Create

Logan Brown – M: The Most Important Part of STEM

Claire Weston – Can AI predict your cancer outcome?

Nicholas Usher – False First Principles: The Origin of Innovation

Raj Pabari – The Renaissance of Capitalism

Lola McFarlane – Brilliant Bees

Seth Peace – The Science of Laughter

Caleb Schanzenbach – The Identity Crisis

Grace Carrasco – Music in Education

Derek Montgomery – The Politics of Personal Relationships

Students interested in joining the club can reach out to advisor Derek Montgomery at