Classical Academy High School (CAHS) has the highest FASFA application rate in the Escondido Unified High School District (EUHSD). Prospective college students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) to qualify for subsidized student loans and other forms of aid. This year, due to the pandemic, FASFA applications declined 5.8% nationally compared with the same time last year, according to an Associated Press analysis of FAFSA data. California experienced an 8.4% decrease in FASFA applications. While some Escondido schools had as much as an 80% decrease in completed FASFA applications, CAHS took the lead with a 3.65% decline, with 8 fewer students than the year prior.

According to the National College Attainment Network, a decline in the FAFSA completion rate could be symbolic of lower college enrollment in the fall. 

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