CEO Appointed to California Department of Education Advisory Commission on Charter Schools

Classical Academy Chief Executive Officer Cameron Curry was sworn in as a new commissioner for the Advisory Commission for Charter Schools (ACCS) in early February. This is the first time  that a commissioner with independent study experience has been appointed to serve in this capacity. The role of the commission is to hear charter school appeals, (charters denied at the County level), review and decide on funding levels for charter schools offering independent study and to assist the State Board of Education on all matters related to charter public schools in California. “This is truly an honor to be the first leader from schools offering

independent study to be serving in this position,” stated Curry. “Offering the State Board of Education recommendations charter public school matters finds me in a unique position to share my expertise and harness my experience to ask tough questions and be a part of discussions that benefit students statewide. In all honesty, if our team at The Classical Academies were not doing an exceptional job, I would never have this opportunity on the ACCS.”