Chan Zuckerberg Features Classical Academy High School for Empowering Students 

Classical Academy High School (CAHS) Principal Dr. Stacey Perez is featured in the Chan Zuckerberg 2021 Annual Letter regarding her experience utilizing a new digital communication tool and the partnership with Summit Learning. This one-to-one tool allows students to reflect on their accomplishments or challenges and improves communication. For example: What’s something big you accomplished recently? What are you feeling grateful for? When you feel stressed out, what helps? This mentoring is used with the Summit Learning approach to education and Along is a new tool that she piloted over the past year.

When students receive one of these prompts, they may respond with video, audio, or text and share what’s on their minds without peer pressure. This communication leads to stronger relationships with teachers and gives them a deeper understanding and context of their academic lives. Dr. Perez’s experience is being shared globally, and her feedback shapes how this digital tool is being applied to educators across the globe. Dr. Perez got to know her students on a much deeper level during the pandemic. When she and her students switched back to in-person classes this fall, they found that their connection hadn’t weakened during the time apart; it had grown stronger because of their sharing in Along. “One of the things the pandemic has made clear is that we need to invest in creating a sense of belonging for students,” stated Dr. Stacey Perez. “It won’t just happen on its own.” Congratulations to Dr. Perez and her team for pioneering new technology to improve student learning and social-emotional connections. You can view the entire article here: