Coastal Academy Goes Solar

After several years of hard work and research, The Classical Academies is proud to celebrate the recent solar installation at Coastal Academy.  The solar system is expected to produce 180,370 kilowatts in the first year of operation, currently representing 73% of the annual electrical consumption for this campus.  The project was completed by Baker Electric Solar and was paid for by Proposition 39 funds, an energy grant where no payback is expected.   Director of Operations, Russell Grant, commented: “The Operation’s Team is constantly looking for opportunities to find cost savings. For several reasons, the solar installation at Coastal Academy is a huge win for our organization. First, we didn’t have any out-of-pocket installation costs.  Second, we will see significant cost savings.  Third, the solar installation will reduce greenhouse gasses.  A special thanks to Michael Kreedman for providing onsite support to during the installation process.”