Student Starts CryptoCurrency Club

Evan Noseworthy is a Junior at Classical Academy High School’s Personalized Learning Campus while also working as a Metaverse Architect and Virtual Reality (VR) engineer. He is a prodigy metaverse architect, VR engineer and consultant, and Metaverse Customs digital design studio founder. He has built dozens of stunning buildings in Decentraland, Somnium, and elsewhere and loves helping new virtual reality (VR) technology users. Evan is designing, curating, and executing VR concerts and other experiences in collaboration with a music team. He is also drawing up meta-blueprints for SpeakerHeads Amphitheatre Park and Museum. He isn’t old enough to get into the clubs, so he will build the venue himself and walk in the backdoor (

Evan shared, “I have always been interested in art, engineering, and technology, and building in the metaverse is the best way to combine all those skills. It’s an exciting new field with unlimited potential, and I want to get other kids involved and help them learn about this new industry. This is why I am founding the Classical Academy Crypto Currency Club to help teach kids and introduce them to crypto and the metaverse by creating exciting projects, meeting with industry professionals, and learning each step of the way.”